FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Disco DJ

Q. When do we pay?

A. Payment is required in the form of cash or cheque to be handed to the Mike the Start of the show. Advance payments can be accepted in form of a cheque. Payment must be received on or before the day of the event. Receipts & invoices can be supplied on request.

Q. I'd like you to go on a bit longer than we booked you for... what do we have to do?

A. So long as the venue operators don't mind and will allow it, then this is not a problem. Please take into account bars & venues have liquor & entertainment licences with strict guidelines.

Q. How long does it take you to set-up and when do you need access to the building?

A. It takes me about 60 minutes to set up, this depends on the type of the event, the access to the building and of course other factors such as if there is more than one act on at the event. So I ask for access at least 1 hour before the start of the event or before your guests arrive. Extra time is sometimes needed for equipment & safety checks.

Q. How Do You Dress?

A. Appropriately for the occasion. Dinner/dances and wedding receptions I wear smart trousers and shirt. Fancy dress is an option that I may participate in at your request.

Q. Do You Have Back Up Equipment?

A. I have access to spare equipment should anything go wrong, although this is very rarely needed.

Q. How much do you normally charge?

A. This depends on several factors. The date & time, the venue location, the amount of equipment I need to use, how many guests are coming and transport costs.

Q. Can I afford you?

A. Yes. I’m not the cheapest in town, nor the most expensive, but I will definitely give you exceptional value for money. You be the judge. You will get a lot of entertainment for you money.

Q. Will you still be in business on our wedding day?

A. Yes I have a 15 year successful track record and I am planning on many more. Many DJ companies come and go. I frequently get calls from clients whose functions are a week away and their DJ has them down. I’ll be there, you can count on it.